10 Things to Pack in a Hospital Bag For Expecting Moms


Have you packed your hospital bag yet?

As your pregnancy progresses and you get into the swing of things with your growing baby bump, it is easy to forget that 40 weeks can fly by!

Before you know it, you’re off to Labor and Delivery so it is important to take some time to sit down and make plans and preparations for the birth of your little one.

It’s worth being all packed well ahead of your due date as some women experience signs and symptoms that may mean that they need to go to the hospital a little earlier than expected. A pre-packed hospital bag can help you be ready for an unexpected early arrival.

Organizing your hospital bag for labor is one of the key milestones of your pregnancy, but working out if you have absolutely everything you could possibly need at the hospital can quickly become overwhelming.

Let us lighten the load for you with our helpful list of 10 things to pack in a hospital bag for expecting moms. that should see you through labor and delivery and into the first hours and days with your newborn.

What to pack in a hospital bag for baby

  1. Breathable comfortable and cozy sleepsuits.

Both you and baby will have worked really hard during the birthing process and at this time more than ever, comfort is essential. Simple onesies and gowns, with easy access for changing, make your baby easy to dress while in the hospital especially if they are being attended to by other caregivers. 

  1. A lightweight baby hat.

They are easy to overlook, but a baby cap is an item your little one will need in their first few days of life. When babies are born their skull is not fully fused and has gaps known as fontanelles. A cap adds an additional layer of protection for this large soft spot at the front of the head, especially as babies can lose heat very quickly.

  1. Pick and pack a beautiful first baby blanket.

A soft lush swaddle or baby blanket is a heartwarming addition to your bag. Swaddling makes your little one easier to handle and will also provide your newborn with a sense of comfort and warmth. They make great mementos too!

Must-have items for a hospital bag for mom.

  1. Wrap up with a cozy bathrobe.

Enjoy well-deserved comfort after all your hard work by including a luxury long-length bathrobe that will keep you covered and looking great. A fleece or Terry cloth robe will keep you warm and of course, provides the easy access you need for nursing and skin to skin with your baby.

  1. Include some comfortable nursing nightwear 

Be sure to pack a few changes of nightwear for your hospital stay. Your OB and nurses may want to examine you after delivery so a nightgown may be preferable. Look for nursing nightgown and pajama tops that allow you to breastfeed easily. Any nightwear that opens at the front will also work great too.

  1. Don’t forget to add slippers and socks.

A good pair of slippers will keep your feet comfortable and supported especially if your legs are swollen or aching. A comfy pair of socks also will keep your feet snug at night. Flip flops are perfect for showering and can be slipped on and off easily. 

  1. Prime your toiletry bag with all your essentials and favorites!

A well-stocked toiletry bag will help keep you clean, fresh, and at your best during baby’s first few days. Make sure you have basics like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, and shampoo. Also include extras like rich conditioner and your favorite facial products to give yourself some pampering as you rest and recover.

  1. Invest in a good nipple cream – you’ll need it!

Whether or not you intend to breastfeed, you will be dealing with tender engorged breasts that will benefit from a soothing coating of lanolin-based nipple cream. Make this a priority if you are establishing breastfeeding or pumping, as nipples can easily become cracked and sore. One of the best things about nipple cream is that it cannot be used as a lip balm so feel free to use it for chapped lips too! 

  1. Make sure you pack a phone and charger.

This is easy to forget when you are in labor and rushing to the hospital, keep a phone in your maternity bag at all times, so you can contact your family throughout your hospital stay.

Smartphones can do just about anything these days! Download your favorite music and take lots of pictures of your adorable newborn. A camera phone is especially useful if your baby is in a neonatal unit. Take lots of photos of them and look at them when you are apart as it will help keep your oxytocin going and breast milk flowing!

  1. Prepare some showstopping going home outfits!

When you and baby have the all-clear to head home, why not line up an attractive and comfortable outfit that you can feel fresh and confident in? Baby can look their best too with a special outfit that you and loved ones can plan together. Your going home outfits will be great for first photos and videos too!

Rounding up

We hope you find this hospital bag list for mom and baby helpful when arranging mommy and baby gear for the hospital.  Remember rest, recovery, and bonding with your little one is the priority so keep things as simple as possible. If you forget something, maternity staff are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

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